H16 RC Foldable Wifi Dual Camera Drone, Quadcopter For Photography 4K 1080p Camera


The Xnorz  H16 Drone comes packed with a variety of features

• The mini drone can do 360 flips at a touch of a button

• With enhanced control, this camera drone hovers in place unless prompted to do otherwise*

• Tested and retested – the strong battery that ships with this drone provides 8 to 10 minutes of flying time – more fun! (subject to a full charge of 20 minutes)

• One click trim control – is your drone swaying too much? Just use the XNORZ one click trim function and guide the drone into stability with the joystick (refer detailed guide for instructions)

• Dual cameras – the perfect angles for the perfect shot

• Obstacle Avoidance – now fly with more confidence – this XNORZ Drone comes with 4 side obstacle avoidance – all at the click of a button

• One click take off and landing

xnorz Foldable Mini Drone Elevate Your Aerial Photography with Premium 4K 1080p Camera

Experience the epitome of aerial imaging with our Xnorz Foldable Drone featuring a top-tier 4K camera. Capture stunning 1080p videos and high-resolution photos, and witness the world from a breathtaking perspective.

Engaging Fun for Young Aviators: The Perfect Drone for Kids

Designed with young pilots in mind, our Mini Drone offers an easy-to-use interface, creating a fun-filled learning experience. Let your kids explore the skies with a toy drone that combines excitement and education.

Pocket-Sized Adventure: Ultra-Compact Mini Drone

Experience unparalleled convenience with our ultra-compact and foldable Mini Drone. Its lightweight design easily fits into backpacks or pockets, making it the ideal travel companion for spontaneous adventures.

Flip and Twist with the 360-Degree Flip Feature

Boost the thrill of every flight with our Mini Drone’s advanced 360-degree flip function. Watch as your drone performs mid-air flips, adding an extra layer of excitement to your aerial adventures.

Everything You Need in One Comprehensive Drone Kit

The xnorz Foldable Mini Drone comes as a complete package, ensuring you have everything for an exhilarating flying experience. From spare propellers to a detailed guide, we’ve got you covered.

What’s Inside Your Drone Kit?
  • The Drone Itself
  • 4 Extra Propellers (just in case)
  • Handy Screwdriver (be gentle with those screws!)
  • Rechargeable Battery (1 Nos)
  • Remote Control (phone not included)
  • Propeller Guards (protect your propellers for optimal flight)
  • USB Charger


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