Xnorz Diecast Metal Car Model 1/32 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR Toy Cars for Kids Sound and Light Pull Back (Multicolor)


Brand xnorz
Material Metal
Colour Multicolor
Model Name — Mercedes-Benz Amg
Scale 1:32 Scale

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Children Safety :- Small Parts Nor For Children Under 3 Years
This Product 1 : 32 Die Cast Cars Pack Of 1 Pcs
Made of Fine Metal : The material used in the car is of top quality and is used to give it absolutely clear finish.
Front and Rear Light And Music , Tail Light & Front Light ,Strong Sport Cars

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Die cast Metal Car Size: 1/32 scale metal car die cast car model car with display base, Product size: 15.5CM * 5.5CM * 5CM,

Material: Made of high-quality’s alloy Diecast Metal body with plastic parts, rubber tires, detailed interior and exterior. These car Is durable, safe, non-toxic and lead-free toys. Diecast Metal car can move. You can trust the quality and use it safely without worrying about your child’s safety.Function OF Diecast Metal car

Diecast Metal car Pull back model car, Realistic sound and light. Press the two front wheels of the car to trigger the engine sound and lights, and open the door to trigger the lights of the front and rear lights. Place the car on the ground, hold down the car body and pull it back, the model car will drive forward about 10 meters; Simulation interior, body frosted texture.Great gift and decoration

Very sturdy, fine workmanship, nice toy Diecast car, not big, not small. Birthday present and Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Holiday Toy Car for boy’s age 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 years old. It’s also Excellent For Decoration Car For Builder, Work shop.Collectible Pieces

This authentic Diecast Metal car model is not just a great toy for kids but it can also be part of your car model collection. The precise detailing and premium finishing touches make this Model X replica a must-have in your toy car display

The Xnorz Diecast Metal Car Model 1/32 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR is a highly detailed replica of the iconic Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR sports car. Made from high-quality diecast metal, this model captures the essence of the original vehicle with precision and accuracy.

Here are some key features and details of the Xnorz Diecast Metal Car Model 1/32 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR:

  1. Scale: The model is built to a 1/32 scale, which means that it is approximately 32 times smaller than the actual Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR.
  2. Construction: The car model is made from diecast metal, which provides durability and a solid feel. It is meticulously crafted with attention to detail to recreate the design and features of the real car.
  3. Design: The model accurately replicates the sleek and aggressive design of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR. It showcases the car’s distinctive styling cues, including its low profile, muscular body, wide fenders, and aerodynamic elements.
  4. Exterior Details: The exterior of the model features realistic paintwork, with a high-quality finish that mimics the actual car’s color. It may also have detailed decals, emblems, and badges found on the Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR.
  5. Interior Details: Though the interior may not be as fully detailed as the exterior, the model may include some basic interior features such as seats, a steering wheel, and a dashboard to give a sense of the car’s cabin.
  6. Opening Parts: Depending on the specific model, certain parts of the car may be designed to open, such as the doors, hood, or trunk, allowing you to view the interior or engine compartment.
  7. Rolling Wheels: The model is equipped with rolling wheels that are designed to replicate the real car’s wheels. These wheels may feature accurate tire treads and brake calipers.
  8. Display Base: Some models may come with a display base or stand, allowing you to showcase the car model in a static position. This can be particularly useful if you want to keep the model as a collectible item or for display purposes.

Overall, the Xnorz Diecast Metal Car Model 1/32 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR is a highly detailed and meticulously crafted replica of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR sports car. It offers enthusiasts and collectors an opportunity to appreciate the design and beauty of the iconic vehicle in a smaller, more affordable form.


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